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“We’re on a mission to empower businesses with smart returns management while helping to preserve the planet”


Every customer return processed aids reforestation positively impacting carbon offset. 





Eden Reforestation Project


SMART Returns helps keep customer returns hassle-free and organised while helping businesses positively impact sustainability efforts with every return.


✅ Incentivise your customers with hassle-free returns solutions to help reduce waste
✅ Be a brand ambassador for eCommerce sustainability efforts
✅ Reduce inefficiencies in your returns business
✅ Implement cost-savings resale processes that integrate with our returns portal
✅ Have complete visibility of your customer returns with data analytics
✅ Personalised brand portal for returns to impress customers and increase loyalty 


Ecommerce and Sustainability


Returned items that cannot be resold often end up as waste. Inefficiencies in the returns process often facilitate this. This contributes to the generation of non-recyclable and non-biodegradable waste, which can strain landfills. To mitigate these negative impacts, online retailers in the UK should implement strategies to reduce return rates, improve the efficiency of their return processes, and minimise environmental harm. 


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Retail Returns Infographic Sustainability


Customer returns and sustainability facts


  • 92% of consumers say they would shop with a retailer again if the returns process was easy


  • 77% of consumer retail organisations found that sustainability leads to increases in customer loyalty


  • The average return rate for eCommerce retailers is approximately 35%


  • 87% of buyers will purchase a product because it’s company advocates for an issue they care about


  • 80% of shoppers will not stay loyal to a retailer if the returns process is challenging


  • 78% of customers want to buy from environmentally friendly companies


  • Online purchases are 3 times more likely to be returned as opposed to in-store bought items


  • 60% of online shoppers will check a return policy before making a purchase



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