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Who pays for the shipping?

When you set up your SMARTReturns account, you are presented with the opportunity to add your existing carrier accounts to the app.
Your carriers will bill you directly for carriage. SMARTReturns will not bill you for anything other than the plan you have signed up for. 

Who refunds the Customers for successful returns?

The Merchant manages refunds. The amount you choose to refund depends on your returns policy. Deduct the return fee from the value fo the refund. SMARTReturns will update the customer record as soon as the returned product(s) have been received into the app.

How do I know a Customer has returned a product?

The return will be on the dashboard.

SMARTReturns Dashboard
SMARTReturns Dashboard

If you have set up the automation, the original order from the eCommerce platform will also be updated with the return product information.

You can also configure a BCC email to alert your in-house team to pending customer returns.


Can I configure different rules for my return policy?

Absolutely! Every company has different rules and regulations for returns dependent upon their products. After you upload your product types within the returns portal you can specify which items may be returned, which items cannot, and stipulate a time frame for your return periods as well - encouraging quicker customer returns.

What options do I have for returns locations?

You decide within the SMARTReturns portal to designate which location(s) you want your product returns to go to - whether your warehouse or a third-party site. When your customers submit their returns at a dropoff point, the slip on the box will include your returns location. Simple, automated, efficient. 

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