Online Returns Portal Process Made Simple


Step 1

Tailor Your Branded Returns Portal

  • Create a personalised return portal that reflects your brand identity.
  • Establish rules and return windows to align with your business requirements.
  • Easily approve or manage return requests with precision.
Step 2

Streamline Shipping & Communication

  • Select your preferred carriers for exclusive shipping rates and automatic label generation.
  • Alternatively, upload your own shipping options to customise the process.
  • Enable customers to request refunds or exchanges via your branded portal.
  • Keep customers informed with personal communications, ensuring a smooth experience.
Step 3

Take Control of Your Customer Returns Management

  • Gain visibility and track the progress of every return in real-time.
  • Access key insights to make data-driven decisions and refine your returns process.
  • Enjoy everything your new SMARTReturns management system offers, all while enhancing your customer satisfaction and loyalty!

Ecommerce Returns Process Driven By Data & Integrated Tech

Elevating the post-purchase return journey, we fuse each customer experience with innovative return portal technology powered by data insights, delivering stats and seamless integration for your eCommerce business.

Easy Ecommerce Returns Processing

Streamline your returns logistics from customer initiation to improving brand efficiency and customer retention every step of the way.

Reverse Logistics Automation Visibility 

Understand your customer returns with intelligent insights for smarter, data-driven decisions for optimised business strategies. Easy returns management logistics software that brings ROI.

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